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How your parents/guardians react: reality vs what you want

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So our comms team are running a session with Instagram soon all about supporting parents to help their children navigate the challenges of being online, and they want to hear your views. If you share your thoughts on this, we will anonymously share them in the session. If you would prefer them not to be on the public forum, just send us a pm :3

For the following situations, we would like to know:
1. How your parents/guardians would react
2. How you would prefer them to react
  • They think you are on your phone too much and hear your phone pinging in the middle of the night
  • They see pictures of you online drinking at a party when you were underage
  • They find out you've been sexting with your partner
  • There is a viral social media challenge that they think is dangerous and they heard you talking about it
  • They think you are gaming too much

No need to answer all of these, just choose the ones you feel relate to you and quote it at the start of your message or PM. 

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  • LaineLaine Horse hugger Posts: 1,184 Fanatical Poster
    This is going to be a bit much if that's okay I'm sorry 😂

    - As for for thinking I use my phone too much my Mum Knows what I use my phone for and she's rather happy with my current usage. I use it to text my partner and spend most of my day going between forums to help others and handle the Instagram of our local charity.
    I use it at night admittedly (like now haha) to video call my partner and comment on a few more threads before going to sleep. 
    The only time my mum has raised concern is if it is starting to effect my college life(if I stay up past 1 a few nights in a row we have our usual talk about how I'm feeling and whether I'm okay etc) 
    How I would like her to react is honestly how she currently does,  she's always been supportive and gives me trust and flexibility but yet shows concern when I start to retract from society :)

    - If she saw pictures of me drinking underage she would be concerned about things like how much I drank,  whether I got help home and didn't walk alone and whether anything happened etc. Provided I did it safely she wouldn't worry much however if it kept happening she would definitely talk to me about it.

    I would honestly be okay with the way she would react as I know she's just worried about me and my health.

    - Moving onto sexting she wouldn't really react as she wouldn't say anything from embarrassment haha considering my age and the length of time we've been together she wouldn't be at all concerned however if I were younger or we hadn't met she would tell my sister and get her to talk to me.

    Again I have no problem with how she would react i would love honesty about whether she thinks my partner is right for me or her to show concern x

    - As for viral challenges.
    I have never taken part in any however if I did, this one would really concern her. She's heard a lot about viral challenges and would definitely tell me off for trying it and most importantly make sure I don't again and ask why I felt the need to ect

    I can't argue with her reaction If I found myself doing one I was very likely lead astray and her concern will ensure I don't do so again :)

    - Lastly onto gaming too much(sorry for the long post 😂)
    I have had a problem with gaming too much in the past,  I've often gotten into it when I've struggled and it's gotten carried away,  in the past she had left me be but we have a pact for her to mention it these days because it usually means I'm falling back again. 
    So her reaction is to bring it up with me and again ask how I'm feeling and so we can fix why be it my mental state or if i'm just really into a new game Ect. 

    I'm happy with her reaction it stops me getting really asocial and reclusive and just shows how concerned she is for me. 

    As for a lasting statement I'd like to mention I've often known her actions Have been because of her love for me but when I was younger I definitely would get more upset/angey like she didn't care yadda yadda so I definitely recommend a nicer approach like just show an interest in what they're doing and ask why they do so much ect and just show your concern.

    I really hope you guys can use some of this so you didn't have to wade through a ramble for no reason 😂😂 xo

    And many thanks to mama Laine for helping fill it out 💕

    🌈Positive thoughts🌈 

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Noob
    First of all, I don't give a flying fig what my guardian aunts think. They can go deal with whatever.

    Secondly, I don't use any social media, but:

    Am rarely on the phone at night unless playing Solitiaire.
    Pics of me drinking at parties? No never, even when I was underage.
    I indulge sex instead of sexting and that would behind closed doors.
    My guardians hearing me talk about 'viral social media'? That would never happen.
    I only play flashgames.
    I'm driven by self doubt.
  • Kasa2103Kasa2103 United KingdomPosts: 662 Extreme Poster
    1a. Ask me to go to sleep.
    1b. I`d never do it.
    1c. Confiscate my phone.
    1d. Keep me off social media.
    1e. Ask me to go to sleep.
    2a. I don`t mind.
    2b. Look at 1b.
    2c. Make me delete the photos.
    2d. Agreed.
    2e. Agreed.
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  • ShaunieShaunie No one. England 🏠Posts: 3,799 Ultimate Poster
    My parents dont care enough to react to any of these
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