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Scared of finding a new job

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I work in a nursery as a 1-2-1 support Worker.
 I love my job and have been there since 2015 but it was easy starting work as I volunteered as a student back in 2012 until 2013.

I worked for the summer 2013 and it wasn’t a bad job but I didn’t like it so it got me a little down until I returned to College. Once I returned to College I volunteered at a lovely nursery for a year before finishing for the summer and doing yet another summer job.

This one has stayed with me for all the wrong reasons!!! I don’t want to go into detail but being there made me ill. I was having loads of migraines, epileptic seizures (not fits/blackout ones) and I would cry before most of my shifts.
my family noticed a difference in me too and in the end I had to quit! this was due to staff more than the job itself (although that wasn’t great either.)

I Went back College again and volunteered as a student in a children’s centre for a year.

so as I said I’m working in the nursery I first volunteered in and love it.

unfortunately I may have to leave soon due there currently not being any children who require support coming back in September (this could change.)

So I’m looking for a new job at the moment but I’m terrified at the same time what if people hate me, what if it’s as bad as my last summer job, what if I can’t get the hang of the paperwork!
at the moment I work with the manager to ensure the paperwork is right.

 I’m terrified of feeling like I did back at my last summer job. It’s easier being a student where if you’re unhappy you can talk to the college and get moved. You can’t with a paid job. 

I know I should think positive but I’m terrified of being a failure or haua bad experience like last time. 


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    Trying to use logic here, but I've always gone by the rule of thumb that if I'm happy in one place and feeling rewarded, then it makes sense to stay until something better shows up no matter how complicated life can be. If we're happy, then that's everything. That's common sense instead of being irrational.

    Since you said of being terrified, then remain until something comes along that you feel totally good about, and then I'm sure doors will open as you go forward. :)

  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 595 Incredible Poster
    edited July 2018
    But I might not have a job in September and I finish work for the 6 week holiday in 2 weeks time...

    this is due to there currently not being a child returning who requires support.
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