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Hi, my name is mandy38!

mandy38mandy38 Posts: 1 Just got here
Hi, I’m new to this and a little bit unsure. 
I’m struggling with life in general at the moment. 
Everything has been falling apart since my dad died 8 months ago. I didn’t feel I was getting the support I needed from my husband even though he was trying nothing was good enough. It felt like all he did was criticise me so I started going out drinking to escape. It only went on for a month or so but it was enough for him want a separation. We have a 20 year old daughter who has sided openly with her dad. 
They have both told me it’s all my fault due to how I was acting and that he has done everything for me. 
They said I wasn’t grieving for my dad I was just selfish and wanting them to pander to me. 
I work with a lot of lovely people and some are a lot younger than me. I get invited out a lot but recently I’ve started accepting their invites. Now my husband and daughter are accusing me of hanging about with youngsters to re live my youth and that the people I go out with should be age appropriate. I like the people I work with and I love socialising with them. I don’t want to be young I just like meeting people. 
My husband comes back at weekends to finish work in the house and him and my daughter are always fake laughing together and going out to dinner and I feel more iscolated than ever. My lovely dog is dying and I feel once she’s gone I have nothing left. They both say I’m mad and I’m starting to believe it. 
How do I know for sure that I’m not losing my mind?? 
My heart broke when my dad died and I felt I couldn’t cry in front of my husband and daughter coz they would just roll their eyes and say what are crying about now. Is 8 months too long to still be grieving? I feel like I may never get over my dad dying and leaving me. 
I’m nit sure how I make this mess I’ve caused better. 
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