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its_mya3214its_mya3214 Posts: 1 Literally just got here
This will sound stupid and I’m sorry. So my boyfriend and I had sex. We used a condom it didn’t break or anything. But he said his semen was all over his hands then he washed his hands with hot water and soap then he fingered me. Is there a possibility that I can be pregnant?


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    Heya and welcome,

    I definetly aint no doctor so i dunno if right but i would think the chances of you being pregnant from that is so very low. Even if he didnt wash his hands its still a low chance of being pregnant because sperm can only live for a very short amount of time outside of the human body and dies soon after it comes in contact with air. (but it is still possible that way though)
    But i would imagine washing his hands would wash away the semen. And unlikely/maybe impossible any of it surivied that

    It doesnt sound stupid at all and i understand how stressful it can be - thinking you can be pregnant from this. And i can remeber being consumed with these thoughts too.
    Maybe wait until your period comes and if it doesnt maybe get some tests to see if youre pregnant for piece of mind?
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  • Hi @its_mya3214

    I would say, like Shaunie, that the likelihood of becoming pregnant that way is very low. 

    It seems that semen dies as soon as it dries, and washing it off should be enough of a precaution, however, if you are worried there is no harm in taking a test when it's the correct time. 

    Here is some information on pregnancy testing:

    If anything this may just put your mind at ease. 

    Hope you feel okay, 

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