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Weekly challenge #35

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Hey everyone!

This weeks weekly challenge is.....the baking challenge!

@Esther and I have worked together to think of some fun baking challenges for you to try this week. If you've baked something that's part of our challenge, we'd love to see a photo of what you've baked.

Monday - Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe here)
Tuesday - Shortbread (recipe here)
Wednesday - Rice crispie cakes (recipe here)
Thursday - Flapjacks (recipe here)
Friday - Brownies (recipe here)
Saturday - Chocolate pots (recipe here)
Sunday - Pancakes (recipe here)

Hope you enjoy this weeks challenge. Don't forget to vote on next week's challenge ideas!

Remember: If you're interested in getting involved in some of the fun things we have going on at The Mix such as suggesting a weekly challenge idea, writing an article for the newsletter or hosting a general chat, head over here!

- Aife & Esther

Weekly challenge #35 3 votes

Photo Challenge
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Easy DIY crafts challenge
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