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Weekly Challenge #33

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Hey everyone,

[FONT=courier\ new]Happy 2018![/FONT]

It's the start of a new week as well as a new year, and the perfect time for the first weekly challenge of 2018. For this week's weekly challenge you voted for.... the new year's resolution challenge (seems appropriate)! So many of us start out with new year's resolutions, but so few of us see them through. Half the trouble can be just getting into the habit of doing something new/different. So the idea of this challenge is to help you get off to the best possible start on your new year's resolution for 2018. Let us all know how you get on!

Day 1 (Monday) - come up with a new year's resolution (if you haven't already). Think about what you'd like to get out of 2018. Is there something you'd like to change about your situation? A skill you'd like to learn/improve? A habit you'd like to drop or take up? Let us know what you choose in the thread below.
Day 2 (Tuesday) - everyone's resolutions will be different, so for day 2, try to work out how your new resolution can work in practice. What can you do each day?
Day 3 (Wednesday) - plan ready? Good work :) Time to get going! Do your day 1 activity
Day 4 (Thursday) - Do your day 2 activity
Day 5 (Friday) - Do your day 3 activity
Day 6 (Saturday) - Do your day 4 activity
Day 7 (Sunday) - Do your day 5 activity and report back here - how are you finding it? Any adjustments needed?

I'll post an example of what this could look like in a post below :)

Don't forget to vote on next weeks challenge too!

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Don't forget to vote on the poll for next week!

- James

Weekly Challenge #33 5 votes

Random act of kindness challenge
40% 2 votes
Poetry challenge
60% 3 votes
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