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Weekly Challenge #32

TheMixTheMix The Mix HQPosts: 2,719 Staff Team
Hey everyone,

It may be Christmas, but it's also Monday, which means it's time for another weekly challenge! For this week's weekly challenge you voted for....the self-care challenge! Each day we've set a quick activity aimed at helping you find some space and look after yourself this festive season. Let us all know how you get on!

Day 1 (Monday) - make a list of 3 happy/positive things that have happened in the last few days
Day 2 (Tuesday) - spend 15+ mins outdoors and take note of all the nature you encounter (birds, trees, wind, berries etc.)
Day 3 (Wednesday) - spend 15+ mins nestled somewhere comfy reading a book
Day 4 (Thursday) - take a photo of something that makes you happy
Day 5 (Friday) - write down 1 negative thought you often have on a piece of paper. Scruch it up and practice throwing it into the bin from increasingly large distances (bonus points for trick shots!)
Day 6 (Saturday) - spend 15+ mins clearing up your bedroom/living room/kitchen (whichever is messiest)
Day 7 (Sunday) - write down 3 things from 2017 you will forgive yourself for

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- James

Weekly Challenge #32 4 votes

Social media detox challenge
25% 1 vote
New year's resolution challenge
75% 3 votes
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