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Chat Guidelines: have your say

TheMixTheMix The Mix HQPosts: 2,625 Staff Team
Hey everyone,

As some of you may know it's chat break week, and we'd like to use this time to get your feedback about the current chat guidelines. We want to hear your thoughts so we can make some tweaks and changes to the guidelines. If you're not too familiar with the chat guidelines, feel free to have a read over the current chat guidelines here.

We've created a survey with some in-depth questions about the different chat guidelines and what you think about them. Please do take some time to fill it in and share your thoughts on the guidelines as they are at the moment. :yes:

There are a couple of extra areas we'd like to hear from you on in this thread, so feel free to share your thoughts on the below too:

Chat guidelines feedback
1. One of the things we'd like to get your feedback on is what do you think of the term 'chat guidelines'. Should we call them 'chat guidelines' or 'group agreement' or something else?

2. There's been some discussion lately about what should be allowed in chat and what shouldn't be. So we thought it would be useful to get a conversation going here about one topic in particular: How strict should the guidelines be? For example, should swearing be allowed in chat? Or how strict should the guidelines be around topics such as self-harm, food & suicidal thoughts/feelings? Select a number on this scale (1-6 with one being very relaxed and 6 being very strict) and tell us why you picked it.


Look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

Finally, we're also running a survey about the new general chat on Tuesdays. Head over to this thread to find out more about that.

- Aife, Mike & James
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Chat Guidelines: have your say 9 votes

Chat Guidelines
66% 6 votes
Group Agreement
33% 3 votes
Other (let us know your suggestion in the comments)
0% 0 votes
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