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Are snapchat filters detrimental to our self-esteem?

DreaDrea Posts: 292 Rampant Poster
I have noticed from my own social media feeds and through personal experience that the use of the ever so popular snapchat (and now, Instagram) filters are being used more and more and posted on social media more and more. Many people who I know almost no longer post photos of themselves without the 'dog filter' or the cute animal filters and using them myself, I realise how much they can change the look of your face. They smooth your skin, slim your face and your nose, and make your eyes and lips larger. Aside from the obviously funny filters which completely change the way you look, these more subtle changing filters could make you dislike the way that you look in real life.

Do you think that these snapchat filters can affect our self-esteem negatively?

Feel free to comment on the topic below! Would be great to hear what people think :)

Drea :heart:

Are snapchat filters detrimental to our self-esteem? 8 votes

BubblesGoesBooJellyelephantDreaAbigail 5 votes
Past UserShaunie 2 votes
Not sure
FeatheredDreams 1 vote
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