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Election quiz - which party represents you?

JamesJames Deactivated Posts: 1,706 Extreme Poster
Election time is here again. On June the 8th, the country will vote on who should lead the government for the next 5 years.

How's everyone feeling about that?
Do you plan to vote in this election?

We've come across an online quiz that asks you some questions about different areas of life in the UK and then tells you which parties represent you best. It's pretty interesting actually and covers all kinds of issues like:
  1. Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?
  2. Should the government raise the national minimum wage?
  3. Should there be more or less privatisation of the NHS?
  4. Should the UK abolish university tuition fees?
If you've got a spare couple of minutes, you can have a go here

What do you think about who you got?

For a slightly shorter summary of what each party stands for, you can head to our own article: How do I know who to vote for?

Election quiz - which party represents you? 18 votes

I plan to vote
66% 12 votes
I plan not to vote
5% 1 vote
I'm too young to vote, but would if I could
16% 3 votes
I'm too young to vote, but wouldn't even if I could
11% 2 votes
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