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What's more important in a relationship - companionship or sex?

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For some people the sex has to be good or it's a no no. Other people might be more 'take it or leave it' when it comes to sex and feel that companionship and support are the most important elements of a relationship.

Whether you're in a relationship or not, it would be cool to start some discussion on this :chin:

Take your vote and then tell us a bit more about your response if you can, for example,

What's more important to you and why?

What might impact on the balance for different people?

Looking forward to hearing from you, I'll be dipping in and out too to respond and see what people are saying :)


What's more important in a relationship - companionship or sex? 13 votes

Companionship/ friendship
38% 5 votes
Sex / physical intimacy
7% 1 vote
Both are just as important
53% 7 votes
Something else - tell us what it is!
0% 0 votes
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