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April Book Club: Vote! - Inspirational Women Theme

plugitinplugitin NoobPosts: 2,197 The Mix Regular
Hey guys,

It's voting time!

I've excluded 'In Order to Live' after agreement that it was not going to be possible for everyone to read it, if chosen.

The nominations are as follows:
The Diary of Anne Frank - nominated by Nina.
ninaballet wrote: »

​Second book is probably quite obvious but I read it when I was younger and have been looking for an excuse to re-read it!
The Diary of Anne Frank (here)

Like I said, I really enjoyed this last time I read it but I think I was probably a bit young so I'd definitely like to give it another go!

I am Malala - nominated by Louisa and Kate.
louisa982 wrote: »
I was thinking either
'I Am Malala' by Malala Yousafzai

Not even an assassin’s bullet could keep Malala quiet. Though few thought she would recover, shot in the head by the Taliban when she was just 15, Malala has surpassed all expectations, writing her story and continuing to champion the cause of education for women all all over the world. Malala is inspiration personified.

How to be a Woman - nominated by Kate.
plugitin wrote: »
My second suggestion is How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. The book is divided into sections around certain topics (e.g. puberty, sexism, marriage, her working life), mainly based around memories she has and weaves this in with the topic of feminism. The reason I'm nominating the book is because it made me think more about my views on feminism, and how society really does have some weird ideas! It's definitely got me down a wormhole now!

Votes will close on Thursday 31st so get voting! :yippe:

April Book Club: Vote! - Inspirational Women Theme 6 votes

The Diary of Anne Frank
0% 0 votes
I am Malala
83% 5 votes
How to be a Woman
16% 1 vote
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