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Are you happy with where you live?

JamesJames Posts: 1,706 Community Manager

We've been thinking a lot about the places we live recently. Open up any newspaper and eventually you'll see something about the 'housing crisis' - everywhere there seem to be stories about young people struggling to find or afford places to call home.

So we thought we'd do our own "super scientific" research and ask you guys about your experience with housing. Thinking about things like the kind of space you live in, the people you may live with etc..

Are you happy with where you live?

Why, or why not? And if you're looking to move, is anything making that difficult?

Are you happy with where you live? 14 votes

Yep, pretty much
28% 4 votes
Not really. But I'm okay here for now
35% 5 votes
Nope. I'd like to move, but can't.
14% 2 votes
7% 1 vote
Other. Lemmie 'splain below...
14% 2 votes
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