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Post of the month (year?!) - Jan & Feb

MikeMike Posts: 1,814 Staff Moderator
'Sup y'all.

So, since we managed to miss a POTM vote last month, here are the nominations for January & February combined. :)

This post from WhispersOfTheHeart - I won't quote the whole thing because it's massive, but well worth a read!
Hello there JPeople,

How are you doing? - I've just had a quick read of your thread, and honestly just wanted to respond to give you a hand to reach out to. First things first however, people on sometimes only come here for support when they're struggling, however, nobody thinks into it really, so you don't at all come across as 'miserable' and the way you are able to express yourself, is definetly reassurance showing that you aren't an 'idiot' - And nobody really has their life together, as much as we think we might do.

You're a college student, correct me if I'm wrong? - but the load of work some people have to do in college is insane...

plugitin for her response to What are the pros and cons to anti-depressants?
Anti-depressants can help you get to a point where your mood is more stable and perhaps lifted - I'm not saying that you will necessarily feel "normal" although some people do, but in my experience they got me to a point where my mood wasn't always crashing around so I could actually focus on looking after myself and getting better. The drugs will also take a while to work - around 2 months, so it isn't a quick thing.
You can experience some side effects with them, and sometimes a certain drug can make you feel worse. You might have to try several drugs before you find one that works for you.

Hiccup for her post in Thesite Dictionary:
Mine is Cuntfuck : Someone who is an absolute fucking wankstain
Wankstain : Someone who is an absolute cuntfuck

apandav for this post - again, I won't quote the whole thing because it's huge, but do head over and give it a read. :)
Hi Hannah,

Sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment - but please remember to take some time out and do something nice for yourself whether that's watching a film or whatever you enjoy! The list sounds very stressful for anyone, nevermind your struggles, which must make it even more challenging *hug*

As a student, I also know how challenging that is- could you start by writing a to-do list and making a study plan? From there you can tick off your completed work as you go. I also know when your struggling with mental health, it can make doing the work more challenging- my advice would be, set realistic goals...

WhispersOfTheHeart (again!) for this post - another one you'll need to go to to read fully. ;)
Hey there Notagainvitelina,

Great to see you again! As per!! Gotta pop in and say hey more often, totes always lovely to hear from you!! - Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having with urges, do you know why you're more likely to get urges during evening time? Maybe it's about first like getting to the core of that, and seeing why you are getting those urges, or even distracting yourself in that moment, then coming back to it and going through events of your day, or your thought process prior to the urges?

With urges everyone mans them differently...

WhispersOfTheHeart (for the third time, folks) for her post in New Year-I ruined it:
New year's eve doesn't mean a lot to me neither, that's why I chose to work during it without actually giving it a care in the world. However, I get where you're coming from about a rough year making it a lot more difficult. Often when we cling on to the past, while those around us are enjoying themselves we do just need a way to let it out, even if it means lashing out at times.

Are there any positives you are looking forward to this year? For me it has to be my holiday during the summer, all booked, and I'm ready to go! - Another one is watching our little one grow up and meeting wonderful people along the journey. If we end up majorly focussed on all the negatives of 2015, rather than the positives, it can be difficult to jump to the assumption that things will get better in 2016. How about making a bucket list for 2016? Or even going through all the positive aspects of 2015? Even if it's really small things, like you met someone wonderful? Joined TS? Etc.

Were here for you, Hannah.
Best wishes,

Butterfly123 for this post in Mental Health-They found out...
I think it's normal to feel anxious about something like this - it's okay to feel the way you do. Try to hold onto the fact that you know it's just procedure. It also sounds as though people at work really do care and want to support you if they can - try and allow that because you deserve care and support. Do let us know how the meeting goes *hug*

Get voting, below! :yippe:

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