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Women Only chat Tonight (Tues 23rd Feb) - choose a topic!

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Tonight it's our fortnightly chance for a women only chat :hyper:

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Last time we tried out starting off the session with a group discussion and we ended up talking about time of the month and how it affects us all and how we cope.

We also got on to the topic of smear tests too and I came across this article in the week that I thought might be worth sharing. It's from a 24 year old woman who shared her symptoms of cervical cancer to help others and how important smear tests are: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/report...ncer-symptoms/

Having a group discussion seemed to go well so we're going to try it again tonight :)

So, if you're planning to come along let us know what you'd like to talk about this time round by voting below. We'll pick the winner just before chat starts at 8pm.

The chat will look a bit like this:

Opening Round
Discussion Topic
Support time - give and get support from the group
Closing Round

Join chat from this page: http://www.thesite.org/chat/live-chat

See you later :)


Women Only chat Tonight (Tues 23rd Feb) - choose a topic! 9 votes

Self esteem - how's yours? How can we build it?
33% 3 votes
How do you feel about your body? How can you learn to love it?
0% 0 votes
Boobs - the pros and cons!
33% 3 votes
What does feminism mean to you?
11% 1 vote
Do you set yourself goals in life? How can you do it?
11% 1 vote
Brainstorm ideas around positive thinking
11% 1 vote
Hair - anything to do with your lovely locks!
0% 0 votes
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