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Choose a discussion topic for the next Women's Only Chat

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We recently asked you all what you'd like to talk about in Women's Only Chat and now it's time to vote for the first topic!

These chats take place every other week on a Tuesday and provide an all female chat space for those that find this helpful. The idea is to try out having a discussion topic as part of the chat so the chat session would look something like this:

Opening Round (Quick warm up question to the whole group): 8-8.10pm

Discussion Topic (Time to talk about a topic as a group and share thoughts, feelings and ideas): 8.10 - 8.40pm ish

Support time (The normal space for asking for or offering support in the group): 8.40 - 9.20pm ish

Closing Round (Quick question to help everyone unwind): 9.20-9.30pm

We'll see how this goes and we can always change the order a bit - we're trying things out at this stage so we can be flexible!

So it's time to vote for the topic you'd like to start with - I've taken all your ideas and added a few more too.

Whichever one gets the most votes we'll go with next week :hyper:

If you'd like to suggest a new topic for another vote in the future, just let us know in your reply.

Choose a discussion topic for the next Women's Only Chat 22 votes

Self esteem - how's yours? How can we build it?
9% 2 votes
Body image - how do we feel about our bodies and how can we learn to love them
4% 1 vote
Boobs - the pros and cons!
9% 2 votes
Health eating
9% 2 votes
Setting goals in life - how do you do it?
4% 1 vote
Ways to relax - sharing ways we can all relax and de-stress
13% 3 votes
What is feminism?
9% 2 votes
Time of the month - how does it affect you and how do you cope
22% 5 votes
Positive Thinking
18% 4 votes
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