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Do you use email?

MikeMike Screen addict 🎮LondonPosts: 2,891 Community Manager
Hi all :wave:

Here at TheSite HQ we've been having a debate about emails and how they're used - fancy helping us settle it? ;) Times seem to have changed a lot from back when email was primarily used to check in with friends and family. Now we need email addresses to sign up to things and confirm who we are, yada yada...

It would be great if you could respond to the poll in this thread and let us know if you use email, and the way you use it. Furthermore, please do get stuck in with any additional thoughts or comments below. :) We're keen to know what you think!


Do you use email? 25 votes

No, never
Yes, to catch up and chat with friends and family
UnknownUnknownUnknownKasa2103 4 votes
Yes, to receive updates and/or information (e.g. from sites that you follow)
UnknownUnknownplugitinUnknownHannUnknownUnknownMikeUnknown 9 votes
Yes, to receive notifications (e.g. YouTube, Twitch)
UnknownUnknownUnknownHannUnknownUnknownMike 7 votes
Yes, other reasoning (please specify on this thread)
UnknownUnknownAuroraplugitinUnknown 5 votes
All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
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