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What's your go-to arguing style?

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Arguments. Old Mad We’'ve all had them – over a million different things, some big, some small. But have you ever noticed you have a go-to reaction when things go off the boil with your GF/BF?

Maybe you’re the type who hates all kinds of confrontation and prefers to walk away until things calm down? Or do you prefer to let the anger out, no holds barred, and get it all off your chest? :mad:

We've come up with a few options below - –it’'d be great to create a space where you can discuss your reaction and review what your go-to style usually is. If you have some ideas on how to manage each reaction too, then please take a couple of mins to share them with everyone. :) There’s no ‘best’ or ‘worst’ reaction here, we all behave very differently when we argue, and we might not always experience the same natural reaction every time we argue.

I've written down a summary of each reaction, to help you decide which style you think best suits you:

Walk out –- when you realise things are going to hit the fan, you escape the situation, avoiding conflict as much as you can

Say nothing –- you let your partner do most of the talking (or shouting) and keep quiet, letting them blow off steam

Shout - –you get worked up, yell, maybe even slam doors.


So have a go!– What's your natural argument reaction?

What's your go-to arguing style? 6 votes

Walk Out
plugitinDanny! 2 votes
Say Nothing
Unknown**helen**Unknownapandav 4 votes
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