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Which post should win POTM June?

SarahRSarahR Posts: 213 Trailblazer
Hi all, it's time for POTM :) Thanks to all who nominated posts this month.

Don't forget to keep nominating posts for next month's POTM!

Here are the nominations for June:

ravenclawdash nominated Neat for this post in Can't take it anymore
Neat wrote: »
Hi lovely, sorry you are feeling so low, I suffer with depression and sometimes feel suicidal, for me the big turning point came when I started to recognise the 'early warning signs' start, it meant I got help sooner. Before I never asked for help til I was severely depressed & wanted to end it all. I asked for help then, but the system works slow, my doctor said wait for an appointment and I said how does that help me right now from doing something? He just shrugged& that pushed me over the edge, I went home feeling helpless & toons load of tablets, thankfully I was sick as a dog after. Att the time I felt like a failure, like I couldn't even get that right.

Now I still have bad times, but I'm on antidepressant, they take time to take affect, but they are helping - don't get me wrong, I'm still messing up my life with drink & drugs, I keep falling off the wagon, but I'm not suicidal even though my life is spiralling out of control right now.

Please, please hang in there. You are doing so well, asking for help, I hope you get the support you need from your tram, but if you aren't, well this site seems to have some genuinely friendly, helpful, catering people on it so just keep posting, we'll all help each other through it!

P.s. When you do feel brighter, try and find some time to do some volunteer work, even if only once, it gives you a brilliant feeling helping others in need! And you kinda feel better about yourself - well it did for me, so fingers crossed it will for you xx

One day at a time, and if that feels to much, one hour at a time, or even one minuet! Set a small easily achievable goal of something you want to do, then do it, you may feel calmer & relaxed once you complete it.

For me it was small things like post that letter I'd been ignoring as I didn't want to leave the house, I did it then chilled, I'd archived my goal for the day so could stop being a cow to myself and pulling myself apart mentally. I know it may sound small but you'll get through this slowly and surely,

Loads of love and best wishes x

yellowseahorse nominated Petrichor for this post in Afraid to admit my feelings to him
Petrichor wrote: »
Hey HoneyBear. :) Welcome to the boards! It's really great that you've reached out on here, so kudos for that.

This sounds like a bit of a 'right person, wrong circumstances' type deal. :rolleyes: It's great to hear that you had such a happy experience together while it lasted. You say you're in love with him, do you know if he feels as strongly about you? Do you know what he wants out of all this?

One thing I do want to say is that I really don't think this can carry on working as it is. It sounds like you're feeling a bit 'all or nothing' about the situation and not keen on just being friends (correct me if I interpreted that wrong!), which is perfectly valid. You're bound to carry on feeling rubbish if you're meeting him as a friend while all these feelings are circling you. You're right to identify that you need to talk about all this with him, though. :yes: Communication is key.

I would say, don't be afraid to admit these things; never be afraid to be honest about your feelings. The more you both know, the easier the situation becomes, right? If he understands you and cares for you as much as it sounds then he will understand and won't judge you. :) When you open yourself up to someone like that (especially someone you've got such intense feelings for), it's easy to feel vulnerable. It's okay to feel vulnerable in that sense. Like I said, if he's as decent as you make him sound then you won't get any nasty backlash from it. He'll probably even admire your courage and respect you for being so honest.

You should also be ready for what could happen after. If you admit that you're in love with him and that you can't just be friends, then he decides it's best (maybe for both of you) if he stays where he is and you both move on with your lives, how would you feel? Because realistically it sounds like either that happens or you both rekindle your love, get back together and work out a way to make the distance work for you (which seems less likely given how it panned out before). I know love trumps all 'n' all, but it could pay you to assess the situation realistically and decide if it really has a chance at working out for you both.

That response was very long winded! I hope it all makes sense and helps in some way. Apologies if I rambled on a little too much!

All the best! *hug*

butterfly123 nominated *BananaMonkey* for this post in Freaking Out
Hey ShatteredSecrets :heart:

I just wanted to post and offer you *hug*s
I am sorry to hear about what your feeling, and what is happening to you, do you have any support in place? I don't know if you have ever heard of b-eat, it could be worth looking into, they may be able to advise you with what to do next.

Here is the linky http://www.b-eat.co.uk/?gclid=CIHzs8...FSrJtAodt3MAkA

When you say "why can't I just be normal" What is it that you define as normal for you? The reason I ask is just to get an idea on what you think is normal. I don't think normal exists. That doesn't make what you said invalid cos it sounds like it's something that you want. You want to feel normal. But maybe it's about learning more about what normal feels like for you.

I hope that makes sense.

I don't think you're not normal,I just think your going through a difficult patch and you need some support. That doesn't make you not normal.


Keep posting, we care about you.

butterfly123 nominated Petrichor for this post in Good sex isn't just about technique
Petrichor wrote: »
I think trust lets you relax much more and genuinely have a better time. It's only when you can fully be yourself and enjoy what you're doing without thinking about all those niggly things at the back of your mind that you can have the best time. At least, this is the case with me. Personally, I think these results make sense. :)

Which post should win POTM June? 10 votes

Petrichor (Good sex isn't just about technique...)
20% 2 votes
Petrichor (Afraid to admit my feelings to him)
50% 5 votes
0% 0 votes
30% 3 votes
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