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Who should pay on a date?

Danny!Danny! Deactivated Posts: 560 Incredible Poster
I know this is a question that's come up before, but it's always interesting to see where people are on this. There's no right answer of course, but I think most of us have a preference of some sort, and it's really interesting to know how we all feel.

So, please answer this poll, and use the space below to elaborate, explain your answers, or give new ones.

Who should pay on a date? 13 votes

The one who made the invitation
7% 1 vote
The person who has more money
7% 1 vote
The one who ate more
7% 1 vote
The girl
0% 0 votes
The guy
0% 0 votes
Split the bill
69% 9 votes
Other (please explain below)
7% 1 vote
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