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Creative story

AbigailAbigail Posts: 801 Part of The Mix Family

Not many people know this but i am very creative with my imagination when it comes to story writing. I mostly write sad stories but for the first time i wrote a happy story so please mike don't kill me if read this. Background to the story It is based a bit on the mix but not with the names though before anyone thinks its based on those 2 members of staff. I am going stop no before i before i come 6 foot shorted than i already i am :d. Good luck and don't kill me if there is grammar and spelling issues i have dyslexia and i don't care!

Could you ever imagine yourself sat waiting for someone for 2 hours? Well that’s what I did one night! You might be wondering who I am but that doesn’t matter. What matters is I waited for 2 who hours for my most handsome and caring boyfriend. His name was magical Mike, well that’s what I called him. Although he got his own back he got his own back I was ravishing Ruby. We met in work, the god old romantic couple of the office, we met over a cup of coffee in the staff room. Although, we work together we work in different sections. Mike works as the head of marketing, where I work is more technology and requires a brain what I know my amazing boyfriend doesn’t have. Anyway back to the park.

It was Mike’s day off the lucky monster! I was stuck in a freezing cold office with no one, the office was like a ghost town.
Sat reflecting on the day, my phone goes off beside me, a message which reads “Rubs, I am leaving now sorry to make you wait.” First thing first. Rubs! Who is Rubs?

I am known as Ruby not, bloody Ruby! Looking at the phone noticing the time which read 6:57pm. I said to myself “he will be here in about half an hour.”
The clock stuck 7. The clock strikes half 7. I say to myself he should be here now. The clock strikes 8. As the clock slowly goes to half 8, my phone battery slowly dies.
The cold winter bitter wind slowly picks up speed, more I regret wearing a dress with tights. You might be wondering why I am sat here waiting in the middle of winter for a guy. This bench. This wooden bench saw all of the action in the past 2 years. Myself and Mike had are first kiss here, we held hand for the first time. This shall be the bench that will see are engagement as well. Tonight! Tonight shall be the night. James from marketing in work told me mike had bought me a ring and on out second anniversary, Mike would bend down on one knee and ask me to be his wife for life, that’s if he turns up as the clock strike’s half 8.
I slowly turn stand up and turn my back. I feel to arm clasp me around my waste he says in sexy flirty tone he says “Hi babe, I missed you, Sorry I am late. I had to pick up this from James”
Slowly bending down on one knee I turn round. He pulls out a small black box, as he opens it, I see it inscribed saying Ruby and Mike. He says to me, trying to act all serious, “Will you Ruby Parker-Kent take may hand in marriage?” Without hesitating thought I shout “Yes!”
We kiss and he slips the ring onto my forth finger on my left hand. He gave me a reason for being late as James had the ring. Slowly leaving Mikes’ house for work the next morning, I thought to myself how he knew my full name but that is a mystery for another day.

Abi <3
Some people think I am unhappy. I'm not. I just approach silence in the world that never stops talking.


  • JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 4,962 The Mix Elder
    Ha! Oh my.

    Well, that was quite a read.

    I don't really know what to say in response to that. :lol:
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
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