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6 Reasons why Soup is Super!

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Soup is simply bliss in a bowl. Especially if it's homemade. And we're not just talking taste here.

"Soup is a superfood," says Nava Atlas, author of several cookbooks, including Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons[FONT=times\ new\ roman] [/FONT][FONT=times\ new\ roman]**[/FONT] (Amberwood Press, 2006). "A bowl of soup can contain a number of healthy ingredients-sometimes more than you can put on a plate." Here's why she loves soup so much.

1. It's a great way to watch your weight. Some research by Barbara Rolls, PhD, at Pennsylvania State University has shown that eating two servings of energy-dense and low-calorie soups (broth or tomato-based) before meals can help you eat less during the meal or even later in the day. What's more, soup itself can be a wholesome and nutritious meal. For few calories and little fat, you can enjoy soups that rank high in satisfaction and nutritional value.

2. It's an easy meal. "Even if the ingredient list is relatively long," says Atlas, "there is really not much to do aside from putting things in the pot in a certain order." What's more, soup lends itself to being made in big batches, so you've got plenty of leftovers to enjoy later without further fuss.

3. It's a great way to sneak in veggies. Atlas has a hard time choosing just one favourite vegetable soup. Whatever your fresh produce of choice may be, she can name plenty of soups that it would go great in. Soups are the perfect medium for all those servings of vegetables you need every day.

4. It's an all-season sensation. There's just no wrong season for soup. In the fall, enjoy a soup thick with sweet potato. In winter, try squash with beans, lentils, and barley. Spring brings asparagus combined with spinach, mushrooms, and wild rice in a savoury broth. Go cool with cucumber soup or gazpacho in the summer.

5. It's highly adaptable. Open your refrigerator or pantry and it's likely that you can find the makings of a soup of some sort. Start with chopped onion and garlic or minced ginger. Add some low-sodium broth. Then toss in bite-sized pieces of whatever vegetables or legumes you have on hand, some leftover cooked brown rice or pasta, some herbs and seasonings, and it's soup.

6. It's the perfect comfort food. Making soup is easy and relaxing. It brings different ingredients together in the pot and distinct tastes together at the table. "Soup is my favourite comfort food, any time of year," says Atlas. "It's a way to slow down and savour both the cooking and eating of a meal."

[FONT=times\ new\ roman]** Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons is available used as a paperback on Amazon for £0.01 + £2.80 UK delivery. It's a souper book (pun intended) ;)[/FONT]
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