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Minor trobule with police. feel free to share your experiences

L100L100 Posts: 128 The Mix Convert
Bassically this was back in the summer holidays and i was pissed off as the college bullies back then were annoying. But bassically i was supposed to be going out to bowling with my friends. i got the bus to meet them to bowling place but when i arrived i got a message saying the same bullies told my friend not to meet me but pretend to and he was forced to agree with it. So i just wasted £4 on bus fare and had to wait a hour for the bus back home plus it was a hour- hour and half bus ride. So on the way home i was really stressed out and as i said when my blood sugar is high sometimes i just don't always recognize it and i kicking someone. During term time. .The day before the police came round was when. The same thing happend on a different route home as i was pissed off at my college bullies as i got bullied by them that day as well as them cyberbullying me as i kept getting notifications of my phone but this time a passenger told the bus driver and the bus driver asked what was happening. I didn't say anything because i don't like saying personal reasons on a bus. I almost refused but decided to off because it was raining but i decided to go off and walk home as it was only a couple of stops before the stop i ussually get off and i didn't want to make things worse. So bassically a couple months later. me and my mum just got home from my diabetic clinic appoitment and then i think it was around 2 or 3pm the doorbell rang and i answerd it i checked outside and could only see a silver car pulled up. I opened the door and it was the policeman. You could pretty much only tell he was a policeman by the belt and black t-shirt that said police on arms. Anyway i got scared because my mum didn't want to be disturbed as she was on the mobile. (i thought it was to do about what happend day before on the bus but it was to do with the summer. So i actually went to into a seperate room and came back out as i didn't want to cry in front of him and got my mum and then i just was honest and explained what happened and because it was the first time i got in trobule
A few weeks later quite late around 9pm my mum called me downstairs saying the police were here (they were in their full uniform this time) and it
was because of the reason the day before the first time. they just asked me to explain with my mum the next day we were free at the police station since it was 9pm. One of them came round a folllowing day because they had to check stuff with bus company etc... and because nothing happend since first time police came round
they just ended up linking it back to the first time as it happend before the first police officer came round so bassically i didn't have to go to court or get arrested etc... (but i'm not going to say what i got because i don't want to give my police deparment out for safety reasons)
Luckily we were home when they rang the doorbell but what would of happend if we were out at the time?

But anyway guys if you ever get into trobule with the law just be honest.

ps they only knew my address because last time i got involved with the police was not my fault but my friends fault bassically he told me he checked with his mum and it fine that he can stay over mine and then the next day turns out his mum thought he was missing and he told me he lied as his mobile battery was dead. I told him to go back to his the next day and he did and one of the reasons he lied was because he was having problems with his family and didn't want to stay their that night. I was their to help explain as well. So the policeman at the time said he could stay at mine as long as he checked my area was safe. Funny thing he couldn't find my address as i have a weird road name and got the spelling the wrong way round :banghead: but then he asked again and i said it automatically the right way and as my area wasn't prone to burglaries compared the the area my friend lives in etc.... he was allowed to stay. He asked if he could talk to my brother quickly as he was a adult i the house but annoying thing was he wasn't answering his mobile and forgot to tell me he left to go out to his mates. But he said it didn't matter as we were both 18 and adults at the time. So they either know my address from then or through my bus pass.
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