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People not understanding me when I do not like change

Sholay09Sholay09 Posts: 51 Miniposter
Hello I am feeling very constantly angry about his world because of all the constant negative changes that are always keep happening like the young person's railcard being extended up to the age of 30 when I find it ridiculous as we are not young people up to the age of 30 nor should we be treated as one as we are adults way before that age, when people keep saying that adolescence ends at age 25 or even late 20s when adolescence really ends in the late teens or early 20s and also when the law keeps changing all of the time in which in a way I do not like or when certain laws should not change at all. I have also rang for an advocate to make my voice be heard.


  • MochanMochan Posts: 56
    Hi @Sholay09. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling constantly angry. The world around us is constantly changing and sometimes those changes can be very disruptive to how we feel. How do you manage your anger?
    I see that you have asked to be an advocate. How is this going? Has somebody gotten in touch with you about next steps?
  • Sholay09Sholay09 Posts: 51 Miniposter
    They already have now and my advocate's name is Paula. I really want some or certain things to stay the same for once like for everything to stay at age 18 like having more rights and responsibilities like being able to drink alcohol, be treated as an adult, smoke cigarettes, vape, get a job, not have any limits or restrictions as they are now adults and not children anymore and also for everything else to stay the same like that too as nothing like that should change at all as otherwise it is going to make me even more angry as changes like that should never happen as 18 year olds deserve to be treated as adults and people should understand that something like that should always stay the same.
  • ShaunieShaunie EnglandPosts: 1,594 Postholic
    Heya Sholay

    Great to hear you’re taking control & have been allocated a advocate. That’s quite a big Step. Well done

    Though I’m a bit confused on when you say that 18 year olds should be able to drink and get a job. In the UK I think at 18 you can. And can do most things at 18 years old. Are there specific things you would want changed/ don’t agree with -around these things?

    I agree that 18 years should be treated as adults.

    How are you feeling now you have an advocate?
    “If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us face, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care.” ~ Marvin J Ashton
  • Sholay09Sholay09 Posts: 51 Miniposter
    Sorry Shaunie I did not mean that what I meant that is I want 18-25 year olds to be treated as adults and not as children like for some of their rights to be taken away from them in which I already knew that would never happen in which I don't want to happen it was just me feeling a bit paranoid about things now because of the way the world is going and also because I am angry when some people have said that 18 year olds should not be treated as adults or 18 is not the age for adulthood anymore when I already knew it is still the age for adulthood in the UK also because that 18 is an adult and I knew it would always be that way in which it should as people should understand that something like that should never ever change at all either as there is always people that mature at different ages like with myself as I am now 20. I feel happy with having an advocate too. Also I would like for some things like the cervical screening, renting a car and other things that are 25+ to all be lowered to 18.
  • FranFran Posts: 118 Two little ducks
    Hey @Sholay09,
    That's definitely an interesting issue!! I agree with you when you say that people mature at different ages and that for some people adolescence may actually finish sooner than expected/established. I think that all these kind of laws and rules depend on the impossibility to make differences according to everyone's characteristics.
    From a legal point of view it would be hard to lower all the limits to 18 years old because, as you probably have noticed, there are people who aren't actually mature at that age. I know that when we are 18 we feel adults 100% but it's only growing up that we actually realize that we still have a lot to learn / process and that we can still become more and more mature. Though, I believe that a difference can be made in interpersonal relationships and that it's up to people decide whether to treat a 18yo as an adult or not. When I was 18 I hated being treated like a child so I abslolutely get your point. I just believe it could be hard and dangerous to change laws that are actually a form of protection for those who actually take more time to become mature.
    Anyway, I admire you for being so passionate about the causes you believe in!! Never stop doing it and don't be afraid to speak up!

    - Fran
  • Sholay09Sholay09 Posts: 51 Miniposter
    Thanks Fran but I would say that it would not be dangerous or hard if everything was to change to 18 in which I have included does not matter if not everyone is mature at that age as at age 18 we become adults by law and we can do more many things in which we could not have done before when we were minors. Also people should still always treat 18 year olds as adults and not as young kids anymore and at age 18 people should be encouraged to be adults anyway.
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