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Jacob101Jacob101 Posts: 687 Incredible Poster
I used to struggle with a stammer when i was younger to the point where i sought professional support to help me get to a point where i could talk more fluently. I feel like it is coming back and i spoke to my counsellor about it, well....he noticed it and said it may be due to stress and emotional trauma. I am seriously annoyed that its come back and its really embarrassing, i have found the only way it doesn't affect me as much is to talk really quickly but i SHOULDN'T have to do that.
''Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out. Honestly, i wanna see you be brave''. 
-Sara Bareilles


  • AngelIsMe21AngelIsMe21 The Mix convert Posts: 132 Settling in
    What helped you overcome it beforehand?

    I'm sorry to hear this has come back for you again now however you know we're all here for you.x
  • ShaunieShaunie 🌸 Posts: 12,792 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    I stutter a lot too. So I realise it can feel embarrasing but sometimes people dont notice it and even if they do - they probably dont see it as embarrasing. Cause sure we have all done it. I found thinking that it is embarrassing and thinking so hard about not stutting/stammering makes me stutter more and makes me more anxious. But i fear doing it less so i do ,-do it less.
    Lol.I dont think that actually makes any sense.

    But youre not alone & i hope youre okay today
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