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Missing Lectures at Uni

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
I am a third year student studying a four year undergrad degree in history, which I love. I am attending all my seminars/ tutorials ok, as we often have useful discussions and you are marked on your contributions, but increasingly, especially if they are before 12pm, I keep missing my lectures. This has been a recurring problem for me since I started uni 2 years ago-I sleep in or tell myself I will catchup ( usually I do), or that it will be fine as technically lecture attendance is not marked. However, I am really beginning to worry as I move towards graduation that my lecture attendance will go against me, that my lecturers must have a bad impression of me ( although my marks are ok and I keep up with assessments), and that I am letting my family down, and also that I am embarrassing myself in front of my friends who regularly attend. Instead of motivating me, this gets me down even further.

In particular, I have one module this term where I have attended all the seminars, done all the reading and get on well with the lecturer, who may supervise my dissertation, but of the 4 lectures we have had this term, all at 10am, I have attended zero.I am worried about attending in future as it will become obvious I was never there before and my friends in that class will think it weird I haven't been yet.

Any advice? ( Thank you for reading!)


  • MirabelleMirabelle Posts: 1,020 Wise Owl
    Hi @ar96 and welcome to our forum.

    I am sorry you are missing lectures, but what is causing to miss them? If you can offer some reason, then I am sure we may be able to help you in some way.

    Are your friends being supportive? You post seems to imply they aren't.

    Lectures at 10am aren't too early a start in the morning, but your going to bed early will ensure a better night's sleep and give you the chance of arriving on time. Do you have to commute to university?

    All the best,

    ~ Belle
  • Invisible_meInvisible_me Posts: 138 The Mix Convert
    Hello there ar96,

    I am a first year uni student and been missing a couple of my classes. As Mirablle said it would be helpful if you could identify what it is about lectuers that is making you missing them? Lectueres can be daunting- I am just so glad that on my course (but I am first year) we don't have that many lectuers- but nor have I attended them being fair? I find the lecture theartres quite daunting - what about you?

    It is good you are still keeping up with the work and everything- well done!...and that you are still attending other seminars/tutorials (often these are the ones where you gain most, but do follow on from lecturers). My only concern is that it can get quite hard to keep up and may become in that "regular habit of missing uni"- which wouldn't be ideal?

    Morning sessions can be hard? Getting up in the morning is the worst thing I find! DO you communte to to uni, if so how long is the journey? As that can sometimes play a big role. I commute to uni and have to allow a good 1 and half hours and it's horrible! I'm tired, before even reaching uni?

    Hope your ok? Take care,


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