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Changes (mental health group) my experiance

One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million NoobPosts: 521 Incredible Poster
Hi guys I decided to make this post for anyone who is thinking about or has been referred to a support or mental health group.
​I remember it was late 2013 I had been having a few problem and past situation that I had blanked out had came back and I knew I needed to deal with them. But I didn't know how. I started to feel horrible almost dead inside. I would smile and laugh and wasn't always down but when I was it felt like a ton of brinks. My friend advised me to go the doctors which I did. He put me on depression tablets and said he thought that it maybe related to things going on and that I would benefit from a group called changes.

​I hadn't told my mum for about a week until she found the tablets. She was upset, not because of the depression but because I hadn't told her. It was also the night I was going to attended my first session at changes and while I was feeling unsure and to be honest so was my mum as she kept saying "I didn't have to go if I didn't want." But I'm so glad I went.

​I first walked in and realised I was the youngest by quite a few years. The others had also attended a few sessions so I felt so Isolated. I joined the group we introduce ourselves and began talking about mind sets and how we look at things either half full or half empty.

​At the break it didn't seem right to sit with everyone as I didn't know anyone and thought they might not want me in their group. They looked over to me sitting on my own and all of them (about 10-12) came over and sat down. Straight away they introduced themselves again and made small talk which eventually turned into a good convocation about what they did and what I did ect.

​after the interval I noticed some sharing bits of stories such as their experience of the doctor ect and I remember just coming out with something (not exactly sure what it was) and someone else replied with someting like "I can relate and I know how it feels) which really helped.

​It was only a few sessions but It really helped me and I found myself able to speak to a college counsellor.

​It seemed to really help me. I feel at ease with what has happened to cause the depression and now its just a memory. I used to feel scared and upset but now I'm no longer afraid by it and I have been able to move on.

recommend support groups as I know how helpful they can be.


  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 884 Part of The Mix Family
    Hey @One-in-a-million,

    Thanks so much for sharing this, I'm sure it'll be helpful to a lot of people in our community *hug* sounds like a support group really worked for you, it's always good to know you're not alone in how you're feeling and it's lovely that you were accepted into the group from the start!

    - Lucy :rainbow:
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • RachelRachel Fast Newbie Posts: 27 Boards Initiate
    Hi @One-in-a-million

    I would also like to thank you so much for sharing this! It is truly wonderful to hear that this worked so well for you and that you had the support nearby to get you through this difficult time.

    I myself have just been referred to mental health services (CAMHS) and I was truly terrified about it as I have no idea what to expect and although I will most likely be in one to one sessions it is so reassuring to hear that referrals do make a difference and so hopefully I will find that they have just as positive an impact as yours did for you.

    Thank you again, I couldn't have found this on a better day, it is so lovely to hear the positive side of the mental health services for once. Thank you again, I hope that anyone else who was feeling the way that you or I did finds comfort in this also.

    Rachel xx
  • tashtastictashtastic Posts: 30 Boards Initiate
    Hey @One-in-a-million

    This post is really really helpful :) I have been through some mental health problems myself, I have recently been discharged from CAMHS so I can be transferred to the adult wellbeing thing (which is taking forever :rolleyes:)

    I've always wondered what support groups are like and been wondering whether I should look into it as it has been over a month without seeing someone now and I'm beginning to feel myself slipping again :( This has encouraged me to try and join one - thanks so much xx

    Also @Rachel, CAMHS is a bit daunting intially, I remember I was so nervous before my assessment. I was put into one-to-one sessions, mostly just talking intially but then we did a lot of CBT stuff (CBT is pretty intensive but everyone's experience is slightly different). It was helpful, especially in the long run so I hope you get a good experience too. After you get to know your therapist a bit better it gets a lot less scary :)

  • RachelRachel Fast Newbie Posts: 27 Boards Initiate
    Hey @tashtastic

    Thank you so much for that little insight to CAMHS, I've been becoming more and more nervous about it as the day approaches but I think that speaking to everyone on these forums has been hugely helpful and I although I know it may be difficult, I really just want to try and improve things.

    Could I ask for you or someone to define CBT as I am completely new to all of this so have no idea about what it is? XD

    Hope everyone's well,

    Rachel xx
  • tashtastictashtastic Posts: 30 Boards Initiate
    Hey @Rachel

    CBT stands for cognitive behavioural therapy, and it uses the idea that our thoughts, feeling and behaviour are all connected - so negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour can lead to a vicious cycle. CBT tries to break the cycle by changing thought patterns for example, so things like all or nothing thinking, blaming yourself for when things go wrong, blowing things out of proportion etc.

    The idea is that you practise the things you talked about between sessions (e.g. coming up with rational explanations about why something isn't your fault) and discuss how you get on. I found it so intensive because trying to change thinking patterns which are really deep-rooted take a lot of time and effort to change, but it has changed some of the ways I think about myself and my relationships with other people.

    Depending on your problems you may or may not have CBT, but it is definitely one of the most common therapies. I doubt that your therapist will jump straight in with a therapy though, they will probably try to get to know you and your background/history quite well before deciding which route is best.

    Hope this helps

  • RachelRachel Fast Newbie Posts: 27 Boards Initiate
    Hey @tashtastic

    Ah okay, I've seen CBT mentioned a few times and was completely lost as to what it was but that is a very clear explanation, thank you very much!

    Rachel xx
  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Noob Posts: 521 Incredible Poster
    Hey guys sorry for my late reply back at work this week after having Christmas off has been quite hard lol 😂

    I’m so pleased to hear that this thred has helped you guys and its so nice to hear that it has give you guys encouragement to look into it.

    I suppose we all get a different veiw off what a support group is like. I know from watching telly it was nothing like how it looks where you all sit in a circle. I suppose different groups have different ways of doing it but the main thing to remember is that there is no contract and you are free to go and free to leave if tou wish to do so.

    But it is really worth a go. I’m no longer on depression tablets now since working in what was upsetting me. But I know there is help out there if I need it
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