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Festive-free zone

TheMixTheMix The Mix HQPosts: 2,650 Staff Team
Are you sick of fairy lights, tinsel, mince pies, enforced merriment and Mariah Carey interrupting your shopping?

For a whole load of reasons, this isn’t the most wonderful time of year for everyone.
So it only seems right to make a space for us to talk about anything else.

And so...
Dear Mixers, Mixies, Mixettes, Mixites, Mixonians and all wonderful variations of Mix Member,
we're proud to announce our

Festive-free zone

Come, embrace your inner grinch and let us speak of everything but that which dares dominate our December days!

(On the off chance that wasn’t clear, this thread is a place to ignore Christmas and chat about other stuff ;) )

A few ground rules:
- No mention of the ‘c-word’ (not 'that' c-word, the one that sounds like ‘mist..mz’? - seriously, nothing rhymes with Christmas! oops)
- If you don't like this time of year and fancy a quick rant, this thread is for you. Enjoy ;)
- If you do actually quite like this time of year, head over here!

- Aife, Mike & James
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