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Hello I am having problems with self harm any help to stop me from self harming. Mum and nan also think I am fat so I need ideas about going on a diet. I also any ideas to prevent arguments.


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    Megan :rainbow2:

    Welcome to TheMix! It's great you joined because there are so many wonderful peeps here who can help and give you support.

    Nobody and I mean nobody should ever call another person 'fat' and especially to a woman. It hurts their self-esteem and lowers their confidence - even if it's family, your Mum and Gran were very insensitive there, in my opinion.

    The only person who would best advise you about dieting - if you need to diet anyway - would be your doctor. Even so, the key to it all is eating sensibly, being aware of one's 5-a-day unless the government twits raised the level to 7-a-day? Nothing surprises me, hahaa! :d

    But most importantly, here you will get very good support for your self-harming issues and on our forums there are some great people to help out, so please feel welcome to sit back and enjoy yourself, and post wherever you like.

    All the best, :wave:

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    Hope everything improves for you soon
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    Hey @Megan I've moved your topic from Introductions to Health & Wellbeing, I feel its a better location for your topic :yes:

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with self-harm, we have a few topics which may (or may not) help you, the first I would like to link to you is a expert chat we had a few years ago about coping with self harm, you can find that <Through this Link>

    Linked at the bottom of the page is also SelfHarm UK that has some useful information regarding self harm which could help, or at least make it a bit safer.

    Also, it is possible to have a self-harm relapse after quitting for weeks, months or even years, just remember that you're not alone in this if it does happen (not saying it will), we have an article on that too <here>

    To view all articles / expert chats we have on Self-Harm you can go to the section from "Get Info > Mental Health > Self Harm" or follow the link below:

    We have a few articles on Diets, I'm not sure which would be the best to point you towards so I'll link the whole section and you can have a look if you want to (Not saying you have to)
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