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"Feed the birds, feed the birrrds!"

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My little sister asked could I make some wild bird feeders, so into town we went to buy wire, large and small mesh, plastic ties and waterproof duct tape. Plus 2 massive drums of fat balls and ahuge bag of peanuts....2 hours later we strung them up in our lilac tree whose branches are bare fior winter and OH BOY - have we had a bunch of birds come down! Starlings, sparrows, a pair of goldfinches, bluetits and a robin. My sister was so joyful, and I felt really happy as our get-together chased her Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) away.

Another super thing happened today - Mum has applied to make me Legal Guardian to my sisters, and that is a great step forward. :)


  • MikeMike 🎮 LondonPosts: 3,817 Community Manager
    Aww, this is so lovely @Princesa! How wonderful that it helped with your sister's anxiety. It sounds like you're gonna make an amazing guardian for her. :)
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    Thanks for coming by. With any luck I should be Belle's legal guardian by Christmas since Mum applied and it's gone through. My little sister is just so sweet and her anxieties seem to have faded away. I keep an eye on her though, but she's a happy girl and even happier watching some 20 starlings screeching and pecking away on our feeders we bought, and some we made and the other wild birds get to join in. When the fat balls and peanuts need replacing, Belle sings "Feed the birds, feed the birrrds!" and out to the garden we merrily go. :d
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    And here is a picture of my lovely birdies feeding and one of Jules' lovely Celosa. :thumb:

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