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Town Peculiarities

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Like all the tourist resorts, Can Picafort in the north-east of Majorca closes on 31 October; it looks like a ghost town. The council remove the lightbulbs from all the street lamps and wrap plastic around them. The council workers severly prune the palms so the trees look like brown stumps and appear dead. As winter approaches, so it brings storms and until March-April next year. These storms can be dangerous. Last September it rained non stop for 3 days with violent thunder and lightning. I felt sorry for our tourists that month, but at least the resort is clean and tidy.

Can Picafort like the ancient town of Alcúdia is almost empty of people except locals and hoteliers reparing their property. Another big problem is out in the country there is no mains water. Trucks bring fresh water to villas, but at a ripping high cost: €2,000 each month! I decided on buying our own air-to-water machine. From the sea rises dense mist. That mist converts to pure fresh water, lovely to drink and very cheap. Buying 6 litres of mineral water in supermarkets may only cost €1, but a family's needs per month is way higher.
What peculiarities does your town area have?
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