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Easy Lemon Cordial

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Lemon Cordial

This is so much easier to make than most lemonade recipes.

675g / 1½lbs white granulated sugar
1.2lt (2 pints) filtered water
7 large unwaxed organic lemons

Tip 1: Choose only thin-skinned lemons as they will contain lots more juice than thick skinned.
Tip 2: Use filtered water because it tastes nicer.

1. First wash the lemons in warm water and pat dry.

2. Into a large bowl pour all the sugar.

3. Finely peel the lemons with a lemon zester, cut the lemons in half and squeeze their juice over the sugar along with some of the zest. Generally I only use a little zest as its oil makes a lovely aroma.

4. In a kettle, boil the filtered water, but let it cool. Doing this will preserve the lemons' health-giving vitamin C. Then pour over the sugar containing the lemon juice and finely zested lemon peel.

5. Using a wooden spoon, thoroughly dissolve all the sugar.

6. Pour the liquid into a clean, dry bottle, sealing securely and put in the fridge to chill down.

This lemon cordial will be strong, so dilute it with water, or spritzed up using fizzy water.

In the fridge the cordial will last up to 5 weeks.

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