Going to court for drugs

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I got arrested on the 12/08/17 for one wrap of cocaine (no court slip yet) .. I then got arrested on the 26/08/17 with 4 wraps of cocaine and had to attend court early October. When I went I told them I got arrested before with it and that I've done it about 3 times in the past 4 months. I've even signed up to this recovery thing I have to attend in November.. After the hearing I got a £388 fine and expect to pay it this week. Today I recently revived another court hear ring for the one bag I got arrested for the first time, this was also the first time I've been arrested. I feel like due to it being my first offence with about half a gram is a little harsh, especially when I told the court I've done it 3 times in the past 4 months.. I really just want to move forward with my life now and move away from the drugs.. I've not touched then ever since I've been arrested but I feel like I can't even move forward with my life yet till it's over.. Anyone know what I'll get? It's my 2nd court hearing but this hearing was due to my first ever arrest. When he arrested me to to I told him I had the bag in my wallet before he searched it


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    Hey there @Totalnight, and welcome to the community. :wave:

    Just to say, we're not legal experts at The Mix and there may not be too much experience of these situations among those on our community. That said, I'd recommend visiting Release, who specialise in drink & drug law and information.

    How is everything going? How are you feeling about the situation?
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