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Chat guidelines - your feedback!

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Hey everyone!

During chat break week, we asked you to give us your feedback on the current chat guidelines. We wanted to understand your thoughts about them so we could potentially make some tweaks and changes to them. As a team, we've gone through all of the feedback we received and we've made a few changes.
Part 1 - Eating and self-harm

After reading through your feedback, we found that many of you felt the Eating issues and Self harm guidelines were vague and confusing. Some of you felt that you weren't too sure what you could talk about in chat.

To help make these guidelines more clear, we've added more description into them to help make things less vague. We felt giving examples could be helpful for those of you who often feel unsure of what you can talk about in relation to these topics. The area's coloured in purple are what we've added in.
Eating issues - We promote healthy eating here but not obsessive dieting. It’s okay to respectfully tell people what you struggle with (e.g. “I struggle with overeating”), but please avoid sharing details about your specific weight, calorie counts or any specific behaviours (such as what or how much you've been eating or drinking). Instead we encourage you to focus on your feelings.
Self harm – Chatters will be happy to listen to your feelings and offer support to help with your self-harm. However, please avoid any graphic detail or description of methods (such as where or how you’ve harmed yourself). Instead we encourage you to focus on feelings (e.g. “I feel like harming myself because..”).

What do you all think of these changes?
Part 2 - Strictness

We also asked you all how strict you think our guidelines should be, overall, on a scale of 1 (very strict) to 6 (very relaxed). The response we got to this question was pretty mixed. Here's a graph to show what you all said:


As you can see, we have a wide spread of opinion here - we have roughly 50% of you each side of the scale.

We also asked you how you felt about the strictness of each individual topic. Here's what you said about that, on average:


On average, it looks like you're all after a healthy balance when it comes to strictness - something we had in mind when we wrote these guidelines. Going by the feedback you gave us and the wide spread of opinion on this, we won't be making them stricter or more relaxed. We'll be maintaining the balance we currently have. :)
Part 3 - 'Group agreement' vs 'guidelines'

One of the things we asked you about was whether we should call the guidelines “Chat Guidelines” or “Group Agreement”. 67% of you voted for the guidelines to be called Chat Guidelines, so we’ll keep them as they are.

Here's a graph to show the results!


​We hope you enjoyed reading through this thread. We'd love to hear your thoughts about anything, feel free to comment below or PM us!

Aife & Mike

PS: head over to this thread to see what you said about our new GC. :yeees:
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