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Is my mom a narcissist?

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My mum treats me like an outcast. My half sister has a daughter, my niece and one day she said to my auntie "isnt it nice when its their actual own grandkids" meaning my niece is my step dads actual grandchild. Even though I know he loves us all equally.
My mum has said she wishes I would drive because shes sick of worrying what my step dads family think of me and her side of the family.*
In the past shes called me jealous and that I should clean exactly like she does. Shes had my family laugh at me when ive been seriously depressed and all ended up saying stop feeling sorry yourself. When my sister got drunk with her friends in the house they would take the micky out of me and one time when she was younger she punched me and pulled my hair for no reason infront of everyone, my uncle stuck up for her and my mum didn't do anything she was only bothered about cleaning up her house. But because were 'family' we have to forgive and forget. Was hard but I had to.*
My mum always compliments other family members but never says anything nice to me. And she had me change the deco in my flat because she didnt like it and wanted a change. She has helped me when I've needed money to do up my flat but thats all she sees. Feels like she always has a go at me. She doesn't see how much her words and actions have affected me. I told her how I felt and she still didnt understand what she did wrong. Ive even asked for apologys but she gets mad and says what the hell is she sorry for. She got defensive and said shes too old for the bickering. And now she stopped inviting me to her house when family go down. Not that I want to anyway. But feels like she knows what shes done wrong but wont admit to it.
Shes never shown any sort of love or understanding. Only shouting being aggresive and giving money to us.
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