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MegglesMeggles Unicorn.Posts: 741 Incredible Poster
i clicked on this thread to report it ханг 2014 , оригинальные подарки случаи жизни , глюкофон из фреонового баллона

and it redirected me to a server not found page and now im having to scan my laptop for a virus becuase its being weird ( but i have been watching films on a dodgy site so could be that)
just wanted to give a heads up becuase i couldnt report it


  • The MixThe Mix Staff team Posts: 1,341 Moderator
    Hey @Meggles

    Thanks for flagging this, looks like you might have clicked an old link just as the spam got deleted. When a thread gets deleted and you click the link, it redirects you to the server not found page. :)

    - Aife
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  • independent_independent_ Boards Baby ScotlandPosts: 1,049 Fanatical Poster
    I saw that as well, how odd.
  • HannHann Meme Queen Posts: 3,407 Ultimate Poster
    I clicked on it too, it hadn't been deleted yet, it was deleted later.
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