Losing Job- 1 month and 2 weeks into the new job

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So as you may know I got a new job on the 13th of July at a nursery. I felt that they took advantage of me as seen in one of my posts and I was trying to have the conversation to speak to them about my health which I didn't get round to.

​anyway on the 29th of August (first day back after being off for 10 days as on holiday) I got told to stay behind after work and it was because they wanted to terminate my employment due to the fact they didn't have enough staff to be able to train me considering there was me and 3 others that needed the training. anyway its made me feel upset and annoyed to have this happen to me after such a short time and it leads me without a job yet again!!!


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    Hey Laura,

    Really wanted to reply to you after seeing your thread. I am in this situation at the minute, in July I left my job in a nursery due to being threatened by the owner, it's a long story, but yeah. I then started a new job in another nursery and after 3 and a half weeks they terminated my employment, they said I wasn't fitting in with their team.

    I know how rubbish it all feels, so I wanted to let you know that if you want to talk we are here, you can PM me anytime if you want as well.


    Are you getting any support financially and also emotionally? I know how rubbish it is to be unemployed.

    It's important to remember this isnt you fault.

    Keep posting if you need too


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    Hey BananaMonkey. Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear that you are in this situation as well and sorry to hear that the job u left in July was due to being threatened by the owner. Sorry to hear your employment in the other nursery got terminated as well.. Yeh it does feel rubbish not to have a job and thanks for saying I can talk to you if I need to, you can always PM me anytime as well if you need someone to talk to. I'm not getting any support financially at the moment. My auntie is helping me emotionally though. Yeh I know this isn't my fault but sometimes its hard not to think this!
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    You may be entitled to help finacially it may be worth going to your local job centre or contacting citizins advice maybe.

    I fully know what you mean about thinking its your fault. But it honestly isnt.

    Its great you have support from your auntie. I went to my dr yesterday cos its affected me really bad and like my depression is so bad like some days I dont even want to get out of bed. But she said its important to have a routine and be around positive people. Are you keeping a routine? I know its hard. But you will get there. We both will. :heart:
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    Thanks for the information about finances Ill look into it! Yeah I feel it's my fault but I know it isn't. Yeah my auntie has been so supportive over this week since I've lost the job. So sorry to hear it has such a bad affect on you and I'm always here if you need anything. My auntie is my positive person and I try to have a rountine but it doesn't normally work. I'm here for you and yeah it is hard! Keep in touch! Stay positive and I'm always a message away. Look forward to hearing from you again!
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