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My name is Thomas and I am 34 years old.

I am desperately trying to piece myself back together and make sense of everything. A few weeks ago I woke in the middle of the night with my now ex partner finishing a sexual act with me. I was physically sick and horrified.

He claims he didn't realise what he was doing, however when I woke he was already very much awake. I have visited the GP who has given anti depressants and sleeping pills because I am also suffering nightmares but I have not told the GP what happened.

Some days are ok but others, I have the samaritans phone number to hand because I scare myself with the thoughts that fill my head. I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for online but I just need to somehow make sense of everything and get myself back to a place where I am safe with myself.

Thank you for reading and my apologies if this is not what this forum is for.



  • independent_independent_ Boards Baby ScotlandPosts: 1,213 Fanatical Poster
    Hello there Thomas,

    Welcome to the community. My name is Eleanor and I'm 14 years old. Sadly no advice to offer you, but I'm so sorry to hear about what has happened to you. This is absolutely what this forum is for, asking for the advice and support that you really sound like you need right now.

    Hope to see you around!
  • MikeMike Posts: 1,636 Staff Moderator
    Hey Thomas. :wave: Welcome to the community - glad you found us.

    That must have been a really scary experience (that's probably an understatement), but it sounds like you've taken some brave steps in getting some help. As Eleanor said, talking about these things and getting some support is exactly what this forum is for. Members here are predominantly aged 13-25, but you're of course welcome to stick around. Feel free to post a dedicated thread about your situation over in one of our support forums (such as Health & Wellbeing). Things tend to pick up more views and replies over there. :)

    I'm Mike, one of the moderators you'll see popping up here and there. See you around!
    this too shall pass

    on holiday until the end of September
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