Trying to find a job, any tips?

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I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get a job

I've been trying to get a job for some time now, I do have a job in security work at festivals, but I need something with guaranteed hours because this is only seasonal work and you'r not always given the work you signed up for, the other thing is I can't get a loan for college and personally just really want/need a job.

I have applied to countless online vacancies and handed my CV into stores, I updated my CV regularly with work experience and personal achievements, I also change it a bit to suit the job being applied for. Am looking for anything really, but focus on retail or kitchen/waitress work.

So really am asking how do you get a job?

Thanks for your time.


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    With perseverance. It is hard and it is easy to get depressed and frustrated when job searching. 

    I have always found it easier to get employment whilst already employed, even if that meant doing a job I don't particulary like for a while. Not only did it make more more motivated, it meant I could have a better converstaion with any future employer reagarding my current responsibilities. 

    Even if it means working somewhere like McDonalds - who by the way are a great employer - I know because I once worked there. What I mean to say is that it's better to be employed in a job you dislike than be unemployed, both for your own wellbeing and for your future applications.
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