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my name is jake :) and i have come on here to try and find help i really dont know what to do, on my birthday i caught the love of my life still meeting up with her ex things went bad and at one point i took an overdose and fumped out of a third story window which lead to me breaking my foot, further from that i caught her going back to the flat late at night with another one of her ex's i threw stones at the windows everything to get her attention she came and then just turned her back i stayed the whole night and listened to her with another guy for 10 hours i was in a really bad place i was drinking smoking ect i couldnt move she was also the mother to my baby which this lead to her having a miscarriage which has made me depressed enough and then she followed on to get with someone else close that i knew to take a stab at me [content removed] i feel like im loosing my mind i dont know what to do i love this girl with everything i have all i want to do is do anything to get her back but i really cant >.< and its killing my Help!?


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    Hey Jake, and welcome to the community. :wave:

    Just to let you know, I removed one of the more graphic sections of your post regarding the miscarriage, just to avoid any triggers and to keep things safe for anyone else reading. I've also moved your post to our sex & rels forum as this feels like more of a support thread than an intro. :)

    It's great to see you posting and reaching out for some support after everything you've been through. These things are never easy, but talking about them and asking for some help is a hugely positive thing to do. It feels like there's quite a lot to break down in your original post, and it seems like you've been on quite a roller coaster with everything you mentioned above. It's a heck of a lot to be dealing with.

    I wonder if it would help to focus on something in particular - what would you like some support around specifically? I'm just wary that I don't want to go into depth about one of the things you mentioned if it wouldn't be helpful at this moment in time, so it might be best if we know how to approach this in a way that's useful for you. :)

    How are you feeling now? Do you and her talk or are you distanced from each other?

    Props again for finding your way here - good to have you. :)
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