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Relapse of mental health problems

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I used to post on here when it was the site but have started a new account as I last accessed the message boards years ago. Hopefully that is okay.

I've been pretty well for a while, I got discharged from the mental health services last December. In the past few weeks though my mental health has been horrendous and I feel like I've taken so many steps back in my recovery. I have PTSD and other issues and have been so depressed for a couple of weeks now.
There's no reason for me to be depressed. I'm engaged, I have lovely pets, I'm doing my dream course at university, I have a nice flat.
I'm already on medication, have had lots and lots of therapy. I'm at a loss really as to what can help me now. There is no area of my life that I need changes in to be happy, it's just inside my own head that is the problem.

I just wanted rant and maybe connect with others in a similar situation! Thanks.


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    Hey Lucie, and welcome back! :wave: Of course that's okay. If you'd like us to retrieve your old account, just drop @The Mix a PM.

    I just want to say that, by the sounds of it, you've achieved a lot during your recovery. I know it's really easy to doubt that and feel a little demoralised when you feel yourself slipping, but bear in mind nothing can take away from the progress you've already made and the things you've learned. Even if things are pretty rough now and you're having trouble managing stuff, it doesn't invalidate the times you helped yourself get to a better place. Recovery is such a twisty, turny, dippy, spikey thing and (as good as it would be if it were) it's not a simple or straight path.

    It's quite interesting, too, the way we naturally try and rationalise things like depression and anxiety. A lot of the time we're not depressed or mentally ill because of material and tangible things or any real reason, and that's completely okay. It's okay to be unwell when you have no concrete reason for it, or if you have a 'good' life. Brains don't always follow reason or logic, unfortunately. :rolleyes:

    Have you spoken to anybody about how bad you're feeling? How has the medication been?

    Taking a break 🌈
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    Thanks for your reply Mike. I've spoken to uni who have been accepting so far and have suggested I get signed off by the gp so I don't have to complete the current placement I am on.

    I'm not keen on going to the gp as I want to adopt a child in the future and I am fully aware that adopting with a recent mental health record is almost impossible. I think it's something I'll just have to suck up though as I'm really struggling.

    I have one last day of placement to go to tomorrow and I'm absolutely dreading it. I have to go to get my work signed off, or I'm held back in first year which I don't want!! It's going to he very difficult to get up in the morning though :(
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    Hey Lucie,

    How's it going?

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    I had psychotherapy which is less coping strategies and more talking through to have a deeper understanding, which I do about a lot of my issues now. Cbt etc etc never worked for me.

    I don't take anything for granted, I work with some very very poorly children and I see first hand the struggles that can be faced by young people and their families. That doesn't take away the fact that I struggle too, and of course it could be worse but I would not wish abuse on anybody and I have to live with the memories every day.

    I saw the gp yesterday who suggested pregabalin but I'm not keen on the idea really as it can be quite addictive. She suggested adding in an extra dose of my current antipsychotic on difficult days so I've started that today.

    I'm really losing motivation to do anything, back to uni at the end of August so trying to focus on that.
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    Hey Lucie,

    It's been a while! How are things going? Hope you're doing well!

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