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My mother just doesn't get me!

Stars2Stars2 Posts: 29 Boards Initiate
I feel like my mother is always critical of me. Such as the guy I pick to be my boyfriend, the reasons why I split with my ex, the way I dress, and things I say. Whenever I'm around her shes always criticising me and putting me down. I don't feel like talking to her anymore. Most of the time I don't feel like doing my make up or even the housework in my flat because I'm so put down. I have been through stress lately but it feels like its never ending with her. Always telling me what to do. And if I say to her I would like her to just take a step back She makes out like I have really hurt her feelings. But she pressures me into buying things to make the flat look better and what wallpaper I should have but I have gone into debt because of it and she hates what wallpaper I picked because it doesnt have flowers! Makes me angry. Shes never taken into consideration my depression even as a teenager. She only has a go at me. And thats the last thing I need...


  • DreaDrea Posts: 292 The Mix Regular
    Hey Stars2,

    It really sucks that you're feeling like this. Have you tried talking to someone else about how you feel, like another family member or a close friend? It's often a horrible situation when you feel like everything you do is not good enough, but you are worth it and try to find ways to make yourself happy like going out with friends or taking up an activity like a sport if you're comfortable with that? If you feel your mum doesn't listen or acknowledge how you feel, you could try to write her a letter, and that way you can plan exactly what you want to say as confrontation can sometimes result in forgetting what you wanted to say or missing parts out just because of the state you're in, being face to face with the person.

    Hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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