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Pride Campaigns

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So with it being pride month around the world we're seeing many pride campaigns.

Recently one that's being causing some issues is the london pride campaign, for those who don't know their campaign is heavily based on straight people, rather than focusing what pride is actually about.

Another noticeable campaign has been with skittles removing their rainbow in order to let the focus of the 'rainbow' be based on the LGBTQ+ community.

Along the theme of the london pride campaign there's also a hashtag that's becoming increasingly more popular on twitter which is #heterosexualprideday.

I'm curious to know what people's opinions are on the way London has handled their campaign and people actively trying to take LGBT pride month and focus it on heterosexuals


  • KathleenKathleen Moderator Posts: 49
    For some reference, here is a link to an article about the London pride posters. This campaign is quite obviously pointed towards heterosexuals, which I find strange. I've seen other campaigns on the tube that were completely different. They were quotes from people talking about what pride meant to them and about their experiences at pride parades/festivals.

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