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Husband and son addicted to drugs

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Hey, my husband became addicted to drugs and that is ruining my life. I have two kids who are studying. They are also influenced by his behavior. Last day, I found syringes from the pocket of my eldest son. When I questioned him about this, he admitted that he used to take drugs. My heart was shattered into pieces when I came to know about that.
My only hope is in my son and I fear whether he would also end up like his father. I approached the priest in our family for help and he asked me to take my husband to an addiction treatment centre in Toronto. But, what can be done in the case of my son? He is only 17. Is it possible to seek addiction help at this young age?


  • KathleenKathleen Deactivated Posts: 49 Boards Initiate
    Hi SAMMYL,

    I am so sorry to hear about his situation with your family. Addiction can be an incredibly complicated problem that affects more than just the person who has the addiction. How have you been feeling lately?

    In regards to your son, The Mix provides support for under 25s in the UK and it sounds like you live in Canada, so we may not be able to provide information on specific services for him. However, I did find this link for Drug Free Kids Canada, and it looks like it has a number of resources that you can look through.
    Centre for Addictions and Mental Health - CAMH
    [FONT=&quot]CAMH is Canada’s leading addiction and mental health organization, integrating specialized clinical care with innovative research, education, health promotion and policy development. Find out more about CAMH’s programs, locations, and how to contact us.[/FONT]

    This might be a good resource for finding somewhere for your son to get treatment. Hope this was helpful.

    All the best,

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