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Vasectomy for preventing pregnancy

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Hey, I am a twenty-six year old from Canada. I have been married for six years and we have four kids. We have two pairs of twins. It is a very rare case and I was not prepared to be the mother of four children at this young age.

We are scared to have sex after that. My husband hates using condoms. He says that it feels artificial and we use the "pull out" method for preventing pregnancy. But, I have read that this method is not safe and that is only 50% successful. I hate taking birth control pills as it interrupts with my periods and often causes mood disorders and breast tenderness.

Tubectomy was a good option. My gyno said that it was not safe for me as I had an abdominal surgery for removing appendicitis. Also, I have an adverse reaction to anesthesia. So, she told me that is better to ask my husband to undergo a scalpal free vasectomy. I came to know that it is a simple procedure where a puncture is made in the scrotum and that it requires no stitches.

Is there anybody over here who has undergone this procedure before? Was this effective? Will there be any pain? How long should I wait to have sex with him after the procedure?


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    KathleenKathleen Deactivated Posts: 49 Boards Initiate
    Hi bhired,

    It sounds like your family has a lot going on. Many people struggle with finding the right birth control and with family planning, so you are not alone in this problem. Unfortunately, none of us are medical experts so I can't give you any practical advice when it comes to these procedures. For some people in this situation, it can be helpful to consult with a doctor so they can answer specific questions like the ones you have.

    Here at The Mix, we are a UK based charity, so I don't have information on health services in Canada. I can give you this link to an NHS Contraceptive Guide, but you might want to confirm this your doctor in Canada. Hope this is helpful!

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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Thank you for the reply!! I have gone through the link you have provided. In that, they have mentioned about the vasectomy procedure as a permanent method of contraception. After going through the details, I think the procedure is effective and I have convinced my husband to undergo scalpal free vasectomy from a clinic in Toronto. I would like to know if this procedure is reversible. Also, will this procedure affect the sex drive?
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    independent_independent_ Community Champion Posts: 8,667 Legendary Poster

    As a teenage female I don't know much about these procedures but I do know that there is a reversal procedure out there that a man can undergo if he wants to be fertile again. Not sure if it's available in Canada though - you might want to look at that one up.

    Take care.
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