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Tactile hallucinations

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Im posting on the behalf of someone else.

Does anyone else have tactile hallucinations? I feel bugs on me all time and if someone else is touching me and pushing me around. How do you deal with it?


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    Hi Unknown11,

    I've experienced this on many occasion the longest lasting 3 weeks. I was taught something in DBT called checking the facts, it involved looking for hard based evidence and if I could find anything factual then it wasn't real/true and then went by the process of challenging them.

    Tactile hallucinations are hard to deal with but sometimes its worth taking not of when they happen and paying attention to things like stress levels, sleep patterns, drug use and changes in soaps, detergent and what not. I think it would also be good to check that you're not lacking in vitamins because theses too can affect brain chemistry.

    I've experienced visual, tactile and delusional hallucinations and using the "checking the facts" skill has definitely helped me differentiate between what's real and whats not and where to go from there.

    Hope this helped.

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    I can feel fucking spiders on me now 😐 I saw a big spider lastnight one that I see often and it clicks cant see it now but I know it will be somewhere 😐

    I do all that and I am lacking vitamin D doctor gave me a booster course but I havent taken them they look vile 🤢

    I see pretty much everything support worker has had to cover a window with newpaper this morning as I keep seeing a scary man with an axe on the window then I walk downstairs and see a little girl at the bottom of the stairs or in the hallways with a knife 😐
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