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Compelled to post to say thank you after randomly stumbling across old profile

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This is bizarre but I feel compelled to post to share the last hour or so with you.

I haven't been on TheSite.org in literally eight years or so but used it extensively as a (troubled) teenager. I spent a lot of time on the family computer Bebo-ing away, writing posts on here all while playing the Sims and avoiding college. I had all but forgotten this site until it popped into my head while I was trying to get to sleep (jetlag). I googled my old username and was greeted by hundreds of very frank and open posts. It's so weird reading your own posts - it's like the teenage version of you coming back to haunt you, thank god this forum is anonymous!

After reading some of my excruciating posts and replies, I felt compelled to write just to say a big old thank you to anyone who used or moderated the site at the time, back in the heady days of 2007/8. I don't think online communities get enough credit, but this site was a really important place for me as a teenager for me to express my feelings.

Posts on here helped me learn more about life outside the little town I grew up in and about going to university etc, which I eventually did. And some responses helped me see things from different points of view (ie my parents) while getting me to open up.

A lot has changed in the last decade both societally and for me personally, and I can't help but think forums and 'safe spaces' are going to be more important than ever.

For anyone who is interested in what happened to troubled 'JustThinking..X' or me - she talked herself into university despite having no a-levels and managed to get a 2:1 but most importantly made a normal group of friends. And despite my record for poor spelling, I'm now a journalist by trade. Feel very lucky to be doing something I love and in a fortunate position after a precarious few years between the ages of 16 to 20.

So thank you to all who spent time/ effort and energy spent humouring my bizarre posts about drugs, relationships and god knows what else. Despite my bad spelling, and the fact I was a complete chav, people spent time responding and offering me sound and reasoned advice at a time where I probably wasn't getting it elsewhere, mainly because I struggled to talk about these problems in real life (but didn't have any issue on here!). I am so glad to see it is still up and running and I hope others are continuing to benefit as I did :)

So thanks again everyone <3


  • SkiveSkive No discipline. No morality. No respect. New ForestPosts: 15,214 Skive's The Limit
    Hello old timer
    Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow is a mystery
    But today is a gift
    That’s why it’s call the present
  • MikeMike 🎧 LandaanPosts: 3,614 Community Manager
    Aww, reading this was so lovely to @JustThinking..X! Your time was long before mine, but it's always nice to see old users returning. It's interesting to hear about your story then and now, and so wonderful that you found some sanctuary with TheSite. Good on you for achieving what you have - I bet journalism takes you places. :)
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