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Nothing but good news here!

One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 477 Rampant Poster
Ok guys so with the recent news going on it's had me feeling quite negative. So here is the "nothing but good news here!" Thread.

So basically just share any positive news you have heard recently or anything that's going good for you right now.
(NO Negative please!!!!)

For me it's that I've got 1 week off next week with the house to myself #metime 😂😂

Come on guys lets spread a bit of positivity here!!!!!


  • MikeMike Hummus-Fuelled Whovian LondonPosts: 1,884 Staff Moderator
    Nice thread idea!

    This dude is [URL=" ood-news"]helping the deaf community access slam poetry[/URL]. :)
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
  • AidanAidan Potato Posts: 1,357 Fanatical Poster
    Just had my college interview today- was given an a guaranteed place! They didn't seem to mind that I dropped out last year and they were pretty understanding about the whole mental health stuff.
  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 477 Rampant Poster
    Brilliant news guys :D such an inspiring man Mike I've actually never heard of slam poetry until now but it looks ace :)

    That's wonderful news Aidan well done :D it's nice to hear that they seem understanding about you're mental health too :)
  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 7,166 The Mix Elder
    Suns out
    “If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care” Marvin J. Ashton
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