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Long distance and a trip

raindrop96raindrop96 Posts: 19 Settling in
Hello, everyone!
I have been dating my boyfriend for about 5 months not long distance, and we are starting long distance in a couple of weeks. I wanted to go on a holiday with him for two days before I left, but then his friends invited us camping and I agreed to go to that. Now he told me that he is also going on a trip the previous weekend, but he is not telling me with who or where, which is worrying.
I am upset about this and I would like him to cancel one of the two, because we barely have any time together left, especially with exam season being upon us. Is there a gentle way to ask him to cancel so that I don't get him upset but also get what I want to say across? Or is there a way to invite myself on the trip? I understand I'm being needy, but at the same time we have virtually no time left even just the two of us, so I'd like to at least be with him and friends.


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    DreaDrea Posts: 292 The Mix Regular
    Hey raindrop96,
    Welcome to the boards! Long distance relationships can be a pain when trying to find time for one another! There is nothing wrong with wanting to see your partner more, and it's thoughtful of you to ask for advice on how not to seem too full on! It could be good to just sit down with him and explain to him that you don't want it to seem like you're trying to stop him from going through with his plans etc... but you are worried that since it will become long distance, you won't spend enough time together. Perhaps just ask him if he's okay with not going to one of the events or if perhaps he could find ways to see you and go at the same time. Essentially, this hopefully wouldn't come across as needy or anything and you would just be voicing your opinions! You leave it to him to decide as opposed to telling him what to do! Communication is always key! Hope it goes well and hope this helped!

    Drea :heart:
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