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Last fight (Poem)

DistractionDistraction Posts: 170 The Mix convert
Am so fucking close,
Just don’t leave me alone,
Don’t let me fall any further,
Please just don’t let me go.

I’ve screamed out before,
And am screaming again,
Just don’t let me go,
Don’t let fall.

I know I can do this,
But you need to understand,
That this last fight is the hardest,
As I’ve left everything else behind.

Am running out of courage,
Out of energy and light,
Just reach out your hand,
And be with me for this last fight.

(Sorry for the amount of poems today, just trying to keep my mind on going forward as my arm is singing out like an idiot)


  • AidanAidan Potato Posts: 1,462 Fanatical Poster
    Yeah, you do seem to be posting a lot of poems today, are you alright? You can always talk to me if you want

    Maybe start a poem thread? You could post yours there, I'd post mine and then we could keep coming back and adding to them. And others could add theirs if they have any. Sound good?
  • DistractionDistraction Posts: 170 The Mix convert
    aye, should probably do that, seems like a good idea, plus people might get pissed if there constantly seeing new threads :sour:

    Am ok thanks, just going back to judo took me back to a dark place for little a bit, I stopped going because I was finding it really hard to cope and I was sh really bad back then, I thought I was in a better place now but when I went back last night and I was driving home I just got hit by a load of strong urges and it's been tough and I know that going to judo will help with my anger out let in a controlled way (because I have to hold it in a lot and it builds up), but it also brings out the need a lot more and am just really worried that I'll do something, I know I can't so I won't but hell I just want to take my arm off :grump: :crying: :nervous: :crazyeyes :eek2:
  • AidanAidan Potato Posts: 1,462 Fanatical Poster
    'Am okay thanks' followed by 'hell I just want to take my arm off' is sending me mixed messages haha

    I guess any sort of controlled fighting is good for anger release, thats why I was looking at Krav Maga. I have to hold something in, not sure if it's anger or the urges or what, it's just an emotional mess at the minute. And blokes aren't really allowed to get emotional, you lasses have it easy (jokes, don't kill me please)

    Please keep posting these if it helps you, but yeah one thread might be tidier and prevent mix users throwing blunt objects at yer head : )
  • DistractionDistraction Posts: 170 The Mix convert
    Haha, I must admit, when u said you lasses have it easier, I was about to shout at you though the computer. But I get what u mean, it's stupid society where men have to be rock solid, emotionless objects and woman have to be a damsel in distress. I know a few men that can't even get through the lion king without crying (It is a sad movie tho, so you can't really blame them)

    Even if u learn it by ur self, hopefully it will give u the same out let, worth a shot

    Sorry about that lol, I am generally ok tho,

    Ye, true that, will start a thread when I next put a poem up (might be today :chin: :rolleyes: )
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